Sad sites

Regretsy - Handmade? It looks like you made it with your feet
"Yes, we know these people put their hearts into it. We know it took hours and hours. We know how mean it is to laugh at their creations. And we regret being the only web site on the internet that makes fun of things." "the only web site on the internet that makes fun of things" - not so fast there young warrior...
Geekologie - Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome
I've strayed off-topic a little here by featuring a website that is actually meant to be entertaining - and is. I particularly like the slightly psychotic narrative accompanying the posts, and of course the 'Drunkest Man Ever Tries To Buy Beer'...
Time Cube
"Do you realize that a 4 corner square rotating 1/4 turn creates a full circle? ... YOU LACK THE BRAINS TO KNOW THAT 4 SIMULTANEOUS DAYS ROTATE IN AN IMAGINARY CUBED EARTH. ... Wise people call me a genius. Stupid and evil people call me crazy." One can only assume that in the US you are allowed access to the Internet even when you're in a secure ward.
Michele's and John's World of Books and Cafe
Do you remember what you were doing in the Summer of 1997? Michele and John were excited about the life and career they were planning together and using the newfangled Internet to declare their feelings to the world...
Mike The Headless Chicken
"In the 18 MONTHS that Mike lived as 'The Headless Wonder Chicken' he grew from a mere 2 1/2 lbs. to nearly 8 lbs." This long-time favourite has been reinstated partly due to the incredulity of new Sad-fan Nigel, of Cambridge.
Did you lose your camera or SD card over the holidays? Or perhaps you found somebody else’s camera? While eating out at a restaurant, did you stumble across a lost SD card on a table?
Women And Dogs
"I collect second-hand photographs of women and dogs. That's right, both women and dogs together." I'm not sure how long this site will be around for - the home page is now blank and I had to use my special Sadmaster powers to find these hidden pages.
Guestbook Directory
"What do you got to lose? ... Will be updating it in my free time so please be patient with me,lol" I thought I'd hit sad-gold when I found this one. There are links to a couple of Internet atrocities, but other than that this site is a pathetically empty.
3D Stereogram Ascii - Magic Eye
Here's a test for you to see just how sad you really are. Simply stare at the screen until you see the amazing 3D image and then try making your very own ASCII Sterogram.
Pocket Calculator Show
"to collect and celebrate personal memories of all integrated circuit-based consumer products from the electronics revolution of the 1970s and 1980s"