Sad sites

The Swearotron
So glad to see this silly nonsense is still online after all the years.
Asinine Poetry
Another oldie that lives on. This one was added to the sad index in 2004.
Pylon of the Month, (the return of)
The name says it all. I first listed this website in 2002.
Counting sneezes since July 2007
Welcome Art and Craft Connoisseurs! To see just what a complete mess this website once was, “animated eye-agony and mouse-over madness”, including 3 looping gif animations and a fractal background, have a look at the Wayback Machine archive
Sounds of Pasta, (resurrected)
A dusty classic from when the days of wind-up modems, Sounds of Pasta is the definitive online resource dried food audio!
27b/6, (Matthew's non theme based fancy dress party)
OK - so once when I lived in Australia, I moved into an apartment across the hall from this guy, and anyways, I thought that as I was having a few people over as a sort of flat-warming party it would be polite to let him know. Now I wish I hadn't bothered!
House Gymnastics
Free Running without the running. All the rage in 2003 - funny it never took off. I was looking forward to the opening of the next Bond film where Blofeld's estranged granddaughter and our intrepid hero battle it out by hanging from a banister for a few minutes.
Cliff Yablonski Hates You
One from the archives. This is about as un-pc as it gets. I know I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help it.