Funny Websites since 1999

For most of the 90s the Internet was an occasional nerdy news story and used either by bearded academics for exchanging exciting papers at the speed of steam, or dweebs for looking at pictures of BMWs and girls in swimsuits - or rather waiting for pictures of BMWs and girls in swimsuits to download at 14.4 kbps.

In these Ye Olden Tymes my business was printing - proper mans' work with stuff you could touch and smell like ink and paper, and as a two-fingered salute to the sweaty bedroom brigade, I commissioned a t-shirt with printed on it.

A few years later and, as was already registered, I set-up and started to catalogue some of the most atrocious websites I could find - and there were, and still are, plenty out there. has been developed and redeveloped sporadically over the years, and it's been a useful tool when learning about different Internet technologies, and particularly useful at times when it has been picking up 10,000 + referrals a month - developing websites is one thing, but understanding how they work when they are busy, and how to get them busy in the first place can be more important.

Recently, (October 2009), has been restarted from scratch - I've kept some of my old favourites and removed lots that have bitten the digital dust, and I'm now gradually adding a mixed bag of websites that I think are either intentionally funny and entertaining, or so jaw-droppingly bad that you wonder if the human race is actually made up of different species.