"What do you get when you order a Wolf Dream site?"

Your head tested.

This corker was originally added to iamsad.co.uk in April 2003, and I'm amazed that it is still there.

For a supposedly professional web-designer it was shockingly amateurish in 2003 and is even more so 6 years later! I've seen school web-design homework projects better than this.

Clicking through Wolf's portfolio is a bit like walking around a rapidly abandoned house - nothing has changed for years. There are still home-pages offering warm welcomes but sadly, lots of the links go nowhere and it soon becomes clear that the inhabitants are either long gone, or are hiding somewhere with mad eyes and long, straggly beards.

How come the domain names haven't expired? Who's is paying for the hosting? It's a bit spooky. Woooooooo!