I think the modern parlance for this one is OMG! or WTF? It's amazing to think just how much time was needed to create something so incredibly bad.

There seems to be several sites out there devoted to the practice of collecting naff images and sort of blending them together, and then framing the finished mess with nasty bevelling or horrific tiled borders.

psp creations

These crap, layered, semi-transparent abominations seem to be called 'tubes' for some unknown reason. See example below, 'Mermaids Dream', which is made up of a picture of an awake mermaid holding her fishy offspring, some steps, the moon and a Killer whale flying about, all smeared in watery cloud-type stuff. A challenging paradoxical fusion of mysticism and nature? Nope. A load of dodgy clip-art, amateurishly stuck together.


The say "every cloud has a silver lining". This one doesn't but it does have a page featuring a cheesy version of Magic Moments: http://silvercloud30.tripod.com/tags/tag_index.html

Why not share some love where you work and make this page the home page in one of your colleague's browsers. Then turn their volume up full blast and wait for the sighs of joy and beaming smiles, and feel proud!

Update 2018

It looks like this masterpiece has not been touched since 2003. They don't make 'em like they used to. Or do they? https://www.pspcreations.com