Welcome Art and Craft Connoisseurs!

To see just what a complete mess this website once was, “animated eye-agony and mouse-over madness”, including 3 looping gif animations and a fractal background, have a look at the Wayback Machine archive

TNT’s current site is relatively unremarkable. It’s still rather naff in my view, but it’s readable. It’s interesting to see that while the 2011 version was uncredited, (presumably a DIY job), the current one seems to be the work of Green Eye Webs, an HTML grinder and gate-keeper to a world of web woe. If you review the Green Eye clients page, you’ll notice that (unfortunately?) there are no links to any of the websites featured, but instead simply an array of tiny screen-shots which are barely worth clicking on as the larger versions are not much bigger.

During myrecent visit I soon became crushingly aware of how short life really is, and so quickly chose a featured client to search for. www.giftbizbuzz.com claims to be some sort of gift suppliers portal, but it kinda looks like they’ve gathered together a few creators or purveyors of random tat, who presumably aren’t aware of eBay or Etsy. To be fair though, after visiting a couple of the sites listed, some of the craftspeople do seem to be genuinely talented, but you’d never guess that based on the nausea-inducing blue-text-on-cream-gradient ‘Gallery of Gifts’.

Not much of showcase for old Green Eyes. But wait! At the foot of http://www.giftbizbuzz.com there’s a conflicting credit. This ‘responsive design’ is purportedly the work of “Simple DIY Websites”, “the new home of Hattie's U-Design-It!” according to the Simple home page.

Portfolio of Pain

Green-eyed Hattie, (I’m assuming they are one person), seems to have gone from a client list made up of small images with no links, to a list of links with no images. I’m not sure I’d feature screen shots of any of these either though. There are some sad classics on the portfolio page but you’re going to have have a look yourself as I’m off to have a lie down in a dark room.