"What do you got to lose? ... Will be updating it in my free time so please be patient with me,lol"

I thought I'd hit sad-gold when I found this one. There are links to a couple of Internet atrocities, but other than that this site is a pathetically empty.

www.prnrn91.com [dead link]
You kind of know that you're found someone special's "corner of cyberspace" when you see animated page backgrounds and garish "God Bless Our Troops" and "Remembering 9/11" banners.

conception2.jpgwww.staibozpoison.com/id3.html [dead link]
Similarly, photos of original art depicting aliens and pyramids are a dead give-away. (I have to mention that this site has a poetry section).

And finally from the Guestbook Directory, Hallow One
www.hallowone.com [dead link]
W~o~o~o~h~ dark and scary "Yeah - HALLOW ONE will be comming out with an awesome home video with lots of drumming, poetry, and other cool stuff! Even some live performances. The two hour DVD will be for sale - time and date is to be announced. More information on that later! Rock On!"

Update 2018

I wasn't expecting this one to still be live, but there it is. I've no idea why and can only assume that Yola site user Steve was once an avid guestbook fan. Most of the pages appear to be almost entirely free of links to any guestbooks, or any other content, and the only featured website still live seems to be: Pelaqita Persians, "2017 CFA Cattery of Excellence".

The funniest thing for me on this re-visit is finding Mr Guestbook's very own guestbook: users3.smartgb.com

Amazing. 2 posts. 1 from Steve himself and the other, predictably, from an SEO pest. Classic.