Do you remember what you were doing in the Summer of 1997? Michele and John were excited about the life and career they were planning together and using the newfangled Internet to declare their feelings to the world...

From October 26, 2009 the once-mighty GeoCities will be gone and a vast array of largely terrible websites will disappear forever.

Once such site, "Michele's and John's World of Books and Cafe", has been an favourite for years, and so your friendly, neighbourhood Sadmaster has decided to save a copy for posterity. If you don't know this site, or haven't viewed it for a while, take a few minutes to give a read through - there are only really 3 pages. And be warned - do not have a mouth full of coffee when looking through the Guestbook!

After more than a dozen years, I can't help yearning to know whatever happened to Michele and John. Did their professed love for one-another last the test of time? Did they ever realise their dream of opening a book store, (and café)?